Today’s topic is very simple, but it’s very, very important if you plan to do more than a few media interviews.

I have said over and over that success in the media is based on relationships. You want to build relationships with reporters and journalists, show hosts and producers. You want to be helpful to them in whatever they need, and they will repay you in the future by using you as an expert for their next story.

But specifically, when you go into the studio – occasionally for radio interviews you’ll go to the studio, but especially for TV you will, especially when the pandemic is over and TV stations fully open their studios again. How you act in the studio is critically important.

And it comes down to one main thing: Be nice to everyone. And I mean it. Everyone. Obviously, you will be nice to the show host and the producer who asked you on. But be nice to the cameramen and camerawomen, the assistant who helps you with your mic, even the secretary who lets you in and takes you to the green room.

You want to create a favorable impression on everyone. TV studios are busy, so they move on to the next story and next show almost immediately after your interview. But at some point, they will get a break, and you might come up in conversation.

You want people to comment how nice and kind and friendly you were. Not how demanding you were. Or aloof or cocky.

And a great way to create a great first impression is to ask everyone’s name – and remember it.

I’m not good with names generally, but I really try when I’m in a TV studio. I ask everyone’s name and do what I can to remember it, usually by using it right away. I do this with the host or hosts, obviously. I do it with the camera people. I do it with the producers. And I do it with the secretary.

And here is the practical reason to remember everyone’s name. People move up quickly in the media, especially within a station. Those cameramen and camerawomen will almost certainly become producers of one or more of the station’s news shows quickly. If they get to know you and like you, they will remember you and reach out to you when they need an expert on your topic.

Trust me on this one. Everyone you meet in the studio could become a valuable resource, so develop relationships with everybody.

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