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3. What is MEDIA PROS?

I want to explain what Media PROS actually is. Obviously if you are listening to this (or watching it), you know it is the name of the show – The Media PROS Show. Now on one hand, the word pro suggests excellence. I am giving you tips to being a media professional. Getting all the […]

2. Why earned media is better than paid advertising

We all want to grow our businesses. I want to see more patients, and more than that, I want to see specific types of patients. I want to become the go-to expert in Charleston, South Carolina, where I live and work, specifically the go-to expert for knee and shoulder injuries for high school athletes, college […]

1. Trailer

Welcome to the The Media PROS Show, the show that gives you quick, simple tips to grow your business by serving as an expert on your topic in the media. Learn how to get all the TV, radio, podcast, magazine, newspaper, and online interviews and appearances you want – and how to shine in those […]