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14. Why you should learn everyone’s name at the studio

Today’s topic is very simple, but it’s very, very important if you plan to do more than a few media interviews. I have said over and over that success in the media is based on relationships. You want to build relationships with reporters and journalists, show hosts and producers. You want to be helpful to […]

12. How to collect ideas for media interviews

As you start doing more interviews in any media, you will have journalists, reporters, show hosts and producers contacting you to ask if you will do an interview on a topic they choose. Usually those will be time-sensitive, based on something important or popular in the news that day. But if you really want to […]

11. How to avoid being misquoted or taken out of context

Seeing your name in a newspaper, magazine or online publication’s article can be a great accomplishment. That appearance might bring you new patients. It might give you name recognition. It might even make you the expert on that topic in your town. But that article could be harmful to your reputation – and your practice […]

10. How to project confidence in every interview

Today, I want to talk about confidence. Whatever medium the interview is that you’re going to do – TV, radio, podcast, newspaper, magazine, online – of course, your message matters. Your talking points and what you want the audience to know and remember matters. Your call to action, what you want them to do, matters. […]

8. Why you should avoid email interviews if you can

Today we are going to talk about print and online interviews. By that, I mean newspaper, magazine, and online publications. Maybe they reached out to you. Maybe you pitched them. Maybe you saw their query through a media service like HARO – Help a Reporter Out. It’s not at all uncommon for the reporter to […]

7. Why you should never use a cell phone for radio interviews

Today we are going to discuss radio interviews, and specifically what type of equipment (meaning, phone) to use to do the interview. This matters – a lot. And yes, radio is important. Radio isn’t dead, despite what you’ve probably heard. It can be a very valuable tool for growing your business. The most important reason […]

5. Where to look during a TV interview

This tip is very, very simple, but you’d be stunned how many experts screw this up when doing an on-camera interview. We’re talking about where to look. If you are doing an interview, maybe at your business or somewhere else, and the reporter is going to use a quote from you for a story she […]