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33. How to get more media interviews and get better at them

Welcome to The Media PROS Show, the show that gives you quick, simple tips to grow your business by serving as an expert on your topic in the media. Learn how to get all the TV, radio, podcast, magazine, newspaper, and online interviews and appearances you want – and how to shine in those media […]

31. Why being easily reachable is so important in the media

In episode 16 of this show, I discussed what the one goal of every media interaction you have should be – every email, every phone call, every conversation before and after an interview – and with every reporter, writer, journalist, show host, show producer – everyone, every time. That goal is to help them do […]

26. How to prepare for your next podcast interview

In episode 4 of this show, I discussed all the reasons podcasts are a great medium for growing your business. Go back and listen to that episode if you missed it. But podcasts work two ways. You can host your own podcast, which can be great for a number of reasons. In a bonus episode […]

25. Why you should always bring makeup to a TV studio

You’ve heard me mention on this show many times before that I’m the medical expert for two TV stations here in Charleston, South Carolina. I am actually working on a third station in a different market. But needless to say, I’ve done a lot of TV interviews. Before COVID-19, I was in studio at ABC […]